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If you have been charged with a crime in Berkeley it is vital that you reach out to a criminal defense attorney immediately. While you may initially feel like your situation is manageable, an arrest and criminal charge will become complicated quickly. It is easy to miss crucial steps and changes in your situation that will significantly affect the ability to get a favorable outcome later on. An experienced crime lawyer, like the Berkeley criminal defense attorneys of Cooper, Cooper & Morris Law Offices, will work to defend your rights throughout the criminal process to work towards the best outcome possible.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand what it means to be charged with a crime in Berkeley, and have the experience to deal with your unique situation and defend you through all stages of your criminal case. We handle all types of Berkeley criminal cases, from DUI, to theft and car theft, to robbery and burglary. Contact the Berkeley criminal defense attorneys of Cooper, Cooper & Morris Law Offices to schedule a free consultation.

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About the County of Alameda Criminal Court and Berkeley Criminal Matters:

The County of Alameda Criminal Court handles all violations of the criminal law for the County. There are five Criminal Court locations in the County of Alameda. Be sure you know which location is handling your case before you are expected in court.

The County of Alameda Superior Court, Berkeley Courthouse, does not hear criminal matters. All criminal cases in the county, including those that originate in the Berkeley area, will be heard in one of the five Criminal Courts located throughout the county. Your attorney will be able to instruct you as to which court will be hearing your case. All court appearances are mandatory and if you fail to appear a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you are released on bail, you may forfeit your bail or bond by failing to appear. If you absolutely must change your court date for your Berkeley criminal matter, contact your attorney right away.

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