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If you have been charged with battery or assault, the consequences can be very serious. A conviction for either offense can result in penalties such as jail time, fines and mandatory counseling or classes. Don’t be tempted to rely on your personal understanding of battery and assault when facing these charges. Often people don’t realize how much trouble they might be in because of common misunderstandings about the charges of battery and assault.

Because television shows often talk about “assault and battery” interchangeably, or even as two parts of one offense, many people have bad information about what these terms mean. This bad information can make you think that the situation you are in isn’t close to being battery or assault, when the reality of the situation may be completely different. Battery and assault are two separate charges and can cover a wide range of activities, from spitting on someone, to attempting to hit someone but not actually making contact, to running a person down with a car. The complicated nature of these laws make very important that you get seek legal representation right away.

If you are facing charges of battery or assault, you need to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, like the Berkeley – Oakland battery and assault lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris. The attorneys at Cooper, Cooper & Morris are experienced in defending all types of both battery and assault charges, including the more serious offenses of assault with a deadly weapon and battery of a police officer. We are also very familiar with all of defenses available to California defendants in battery and assault cases, such as lack of intent, lack of present ability and self-defense or defense of others.

The passionate Berkeley – Oakland battery and assault lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris will work hard to understand the totality of your situation, and which defenses might apply to your circumstances. We have an excellent track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for battery and assault defendants, including dismissals, acquittals and reduction of charges.

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