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Domestic violence charges are aggressively pursued by prosecutors for a number of reasons, ranging from societal pressure to political interest in demonstrating that prosecution offices are taking a “hard stance” on domestic violence issues. It is no longer the case that a when the complaining spouse or witness recants that the case disappears. In fact, there are special evidence rules in place that allow prosecutors to continue with a domestic violence case without the cooperation of the complaining spouse. For these reasons, if you have been accused of domestic violence it is incredibly important that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney, like the Berkeley – Oakland domestic violence lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris.

While allegations of assault or battery are always serious, the potential punishment for that kind of offense is increased in California if the alleged victim is a spouse or significant other. Many prosecutors’ offices in California have groups of attorneys and investigators set aside to handle exclusively domestic violence matters, making them extremely experienced in prosecuting these offenses. It is important that you have defense attorneys working for you who are equally experienced. We have defended many people accused of domestic violence throughout Northern California, and we understand the specific situations and considerations that make defending a domestic violence charge unique. We have an excellent track record of securing favorable outcomes for our domestic violence clients, including dismissals, acquittals and reduction of charges.

The Berkeley – Oakland domestic violence lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris are experienced in and able to handle all types of domestic violence charges or related charges, including:

  • PC243(e) – Domestic Violence – A misdemeanor criminal offense, which doesn’t require proof of any injury, that involves inflicting force upon a spouse, significant other, someone you live with or someone with whom you’ve parented a child.
  • PC273.5(a) – Corporal Punishment Inflicted Upon a Spouse – A felony or misdemeanor criminal offense, depending on the severity of the injury, that involves inflicting “corporal injury” resulting in a “traumatic condition” upon a current or former significant other or someone with whom you’ve parented a child.
  • PC273.6 – Violation of a Protective Order – A misdemeanor offense, which doesn’t require any proof of injury, that results from a finding that you intentionally violated a protective order, sometimes also referred to as a restraining order. If the violation of the order also resulted in injury, the punishments increase in severity.
  • PC136.1 – Intimidating an Intimate Partner or Witness – A criminal offense that involves preventing your partner or any witness from testifying or attending any criminal proceeding. You can also be charged if you try to talk your partner or a witness out of testifying or attending a criminal proceeding, even if you are not successful.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in the Bay Area or anywhere in the greater Northern California region we want to help. We will carefully explore all of the possible defenses available to you, given your situation, and come up with a strategic approach to your defense that maximizes your chances for a favorable outcome.

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