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Although the number of people serving time in prison for drug-related crime has dropped significantly since the 2000 passage of California’s Proposition 36, which mandates treatment rather than imprisonment for certain drug crimes, drug offenses remain among the most common criminal charges in California. If you are charged with a drug crime, the effects on your life can be severe and long-term. Whether you are charged with basic drug possession or high-volume drug trafficking, you’ll want to retain the best drug crime lawyers possible in order to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome.

Depending on the drug crime or crimes you have been charged with, you may be facing time in state prison or county jail, significant fines, probation, community service, mandatory drug treatment or other serious penalties. A conviction for a drug crime in California may affect your future career and education opportunities and will create a criminal record that is available to the public. It is never in your best interest to try to defend yourself if you have been charged with a drug crime.

The Bay Area drug crime lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris are experienced in vigorously defending all types of drug charges in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California. We have received dismissals, acquittals and favorable diversion agreements on behalf of our clients, helping our clients to minimize the effects of drug charges on their lives. We defend all types of California drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession, including marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine
  • Drug cultivation, such as growing marijuana
  • Drug trafficking, importing and/or transportation
  • Drug sales and distribution
  • Intent to distribute
  • Illegally obtaining/ selling prescription drugs, such as Oxycontin, hydrocodone and codeine
  • Manufacturing narcotics, such as having a meth lab

If you have been charged with a drug crime in the Bay Area or anywhere in the greater Northern California region we want to help. We will work tirelessly to understand the circumstances of your arrest and the charges against you. We will carefully explore all of the possible defenses available to you, given your situation, and come up with a strategic approach to your defense that maximizes your chances for a favorable outcome.

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