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Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, is one of the most common criminal offenses. Because drunk driving is a common occurrence, many make the mistake of thinking that it is a minor offense. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even a first DUI is a serious criminal misdemeanor in California, with punishment that may include fines, jail time, probation, mandatory counseling and loss of your driving license. Additionally, even a first DUI conviction will become part of your criminal record, which can make it hard to get a job or rent a house.

If you have had a prior Driving Under the Influence conviction, or if your incident involved very high Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), injury to another person or damage to property you are facing a criminal felony. With a felony conviction, your punishment may include an extended stay in prison. If you have been arrested for DUI it is vitally important that you immediately contact an attorney, like the Berkeley – Oakland DUI lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris.

The Berkeley – Oakland DUI lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris are experienced in defending drunk driving offenses throughout California. Our attorneys have the ability to thoroughly evaluate all possible defenses, including challenging the validity of the stop, the outcome of the field sobriety tests (including Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, or HGN), and the calibration and administration of the Breathalyzer. We have an excellent track record of receiving favorable outcomes for our DUI clients, including acquittals, dismissals and reduction of charges. We defend all levels of drunk driving charges, including:

  • Standard VC 23152(A) & VC 23152(B) Driving Under the Influence / Per Se DUI charges
  • Aggravated DUI / Felony DUI
  • High BAC DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI in the Bay Area or anywhere in the greater Northern California region we want to help. We will carefully explore all of the possible defenses available to you, given your situation, and come up with a strategic approach to your defense that maximizes your chances for a favorable outcome.

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