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When you have been arrested for an alleged crime, it is often hard to anticipate whether you will be charged with a federal crime or a state crime. If you have been questioned by someone from a federal agency such as the FBI or DEA, or if you have been held in a federal facility, there is a good chance you are facing a federal criminal charge.

Federal charges can be especially intimidating because of the nearly unlimited resources the federal government has to prosecute crimes, the experience of federal prosecutors and the extensive investigation techniques used by federal investigators. By the time you find out that you are charged with a federal crime, the US government will already have gathered a substantial amount of evidence against you. And if you are convicted of a federal crime you will be facing strict federal sentencing guidelines that typically leave no option for parole. For these reasons, the moment you suspect that you are being investigated by the federal government it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney who has experience in federal crime.

The Berkeley – Oakland federal crimes lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris are experienced in defending all types of federal criminal charges, including common federal crimes like:

  • Federal drug offenses, including drug trafficking
  • White collar crimes, including fraud
  • Cybercrime
  • Sex crimes, including solicitation of minors over the internet and distribution of child pornography
  • Criminal offenses committed on federal property, such as in national parks

If you suspect you are being investigated for a federal crime anywhere in California, contact us immediately. We will work hard to investigate all of the circumstances of the investigation, arrest and charges, including whether you are being charged with a state crime or a federal crime. We will carefully explore all of the defenses available and develop a strategic approach to your defense that maximizes the chances for a favorable outcome.

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