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A juvenile is any minor under the age of eighteen years. Juveniles may be charged with, and prosecuted for, the exact same crimes as an adult. While the juvenile system has as its goal the rehabilitation of minors who commit crimes, that doesn’t change the fact that juvenile crimes are prosecuted to the full extent allowable by law. If your minor child has been charged with a crime it is very important that you immediately contact a juvenile crime defense attorney, like the Berkeley – Oakland juvenile crime lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris.

While many assume that juvenile crimes are not serious or simply “go away” after the child reaches the age of eighteen, nothing could be further from the truth. Juvenile defense can be quite complicated and the outcome of a juvenile case can have lasting effects on a defendant’s life. Some juvenile crimes may be counted in a three strikes case if the child goes on to commit a crime after the age of eighteen. Also, under California law, minors may be tried as an adult without a juvenile court hearing if they are charged with certain violent crimes. Finally, except in certain unusual cases, minors tried as juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial. Due to these complex factors, it is important that you have an attorney who is highly experienced in juvenile crime defense.

The Berkeley – Oakland juvenile crime lawyers of Cooper, Cooper & Morris understand the nuances of juvenile defense and have a track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our juvenile defendants. We are prepared to defend all types of juvenile crime, including:

  • Theft and robbery
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Violent crimes, including battery and assault
  • Sex crimes, including rape and sexual assault
  • Drug crimes

If your child or family member has been accused of a juvenile crime anywhere in Northern California, we’d like to help. We will work hard to investigate all of the circumstances of the arrest and the charges. We will carefully explore all of the possible defenses available and develop a smart approach to your child’s defense that maximizes the chances for a favorable outcome.

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